Our little home all dressed up for Christmas…

Hello! I am happy to say I have finally figured out this picture uploading thing!
Hopefully I can make this a little more interesting to those who don’t like to
read! (people like me)

My husband and I have been married since May of 2011, and since then we have said we were going to go and buy lots of Christmas ornaments and decorations when they “go on sale”. Well friends here we are 3 Christmases later and we still have all the exact same decor my momĀ gave me that she didn’t want anymore.Ā (Excluding the villageĀ our grandparents gave us and someĀ random things that were my aunts.)Ā  The only thing we have purshased was our tree which we got on Black Friday night at Lowe’s (prelit 49.99 woop woop). So, needless to say every year I get increasingly creative with decorating my house!

This year has been no different I just got a little extra creative with a few things.

I had surgery 2 and a half weeks ago, my mom is here helping me with my children. I may or may not have put a little bug in her ear that I was wanting to get all my stuff out and up before we leave for Nashville next week. Within a matter of minutes she had gotten all of our decorations down from upstairs! YAY!!Ā  We begin unpacking the boxes, I organize the ornaments and put the hangers on them and she put them on the tree. (We worked ltogether like a well oiled machine.) I couldn’t just stop at the tree though, by the end of Wednesday we had transformed my house into a Christmas friendly home! Complete with Santa and his Reindeer guarding our table! It isn’t perfect nor is it all decorated with the newest and greatest, but I will forever remember the time mom and I spent decorating my house for Christmas!


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