*Christmas Prep*


It didn’t take me a year and a half to write another post (We have progress people!). I was thinking last night that I should probably throw something out there to warn anyone who reads these posts. I am NOT an english major, I did enough paper writing, diagramming, and “rule” learning to get me through school. I am sorry for “run-on” sentences, “double negatives”, “split infinitives” (I Have no idea what that is, kinda sounds painful!) and anything else that might “irritate” the grammar police. ( I am pretty sure the use of ( ) these so much and ” ” these probably isn’t “their” favorite.) 

~ Christmas Prep ~

Okay! My first official bloggy post. I am new at this so I may just ramble.

Last night I laid in bed, typed and typed on my phone making a list of topics for my blog. I had everything from Wedding to Organizing and My Life Story to How to Yard Sale. Yep this morning there was not ONE note left on my phone. I honestly have no idea what happened! So, today I went all “old fashioned” and used a composition note book and a pen, worked like a charm! I have probably close to 100 topics I want to “blog” about. Am I an expert on these topics? Nope Do I know much about them? Probably not but there is always google. Have I dealt with EVERY single topic? Yes I have and lived to tell the story (most of the time there is a pretty hysterical part to the story). So to make a long story longer…. Tonight my blog I am beginning is about Christmas preparations! (just in case you didn’t get the clue in the title!)


It has got to be my most favorite and most dreaded time of year! I love the thought of Christmas. Family, food, fun, togetherness, sweets, excitement of little kids, big eyes and gifts (OK anyone who said they ONLY celebrate Christmas for the “togetherness”…. Ahem! Yeah! Sure! Ok! Whatever). However, in my life it doesn’t generally stay so simple. 

This week my husband and I were talking about Christmas. I was talking about how I wanted to sell this and that to pay for Christmas presents (now I was not going overboard, I am the cheapskate in the house) he stopped me mid sentence (mid almost meltdown) and said, “Brooke what do our kids need?”, “Do they need toys?” NO, “Do they need clothes?” Thankfully NO, “Are their lives going to be better if we get them these 5 toys a piece for Christmas?” Nope not at all. I stood there so convicted at how I was approaching this holiday. It is people who begin thinking the same way I was (and take it even further) are the reason I DREAD the Christmas season. I got so caught up in thinking well what if they don’t have as good a Christmas on Christmas morning as their friends, and what if they don’t think we loved them, and what if they see the pictures and wonder, “What happened in 2013?” (Blah, Blah, Blah….)

Then it hit me….. ok well actually my very smart husband said ” I want to be honest with my kids. Do I want them to worry where their next meal is coming from? Absolutely not! However, I do want them to know that mommy and daddy aren’t banks. They need to know that we work hard for our money and we spend as much as we can on them but there will be times they won’t get 3 new DS games and 2 sets of LEGOs  (a piece) every holiday.” I must say he was exactly right. So with this new revelation fresh on my brain I began reminiscing of my Christmases. I don’t remember all the expensive gifts. I DO remember “helping” my mom make cookies or chocolate rolls. I remember the smells of everyones cologne mixing together at my Mamaws house. I remember my aunts and uncles laughing around the table at my Granny’s while all the kids run around playing with the boxes our gifts came in. To this day can remember the smell of my Granny’s house on Christmas Eve. It smelled like cooking ham, a log stove (with the good wood, not the smelly kind), a hint of Paw’s pipe tobacco from the back porch and her Jeovan Musk perfume. Sitting here in my dining room I can close my eyes and I am sitting there, watching TV, way past bedtime, in her little den, where she watched her “stories”, while my mom and Granny re arranged furniture and cleaned or whatever else “mom’s” do. THAT is what I remember not the 1,000’s of dollars spent on me in my childhood on toys and gifts on Christmas. Don’t get me wrong I like gifts just as much as the next person, but are they really worth being up at 3am, with your taser in hand, lined up outside, in the freezing cold, waiting, for Best Buy to open so you can shank anyone who gets near your PS4 for 300.00? I think not.  I will most likely be sleeping in on this “Black Friday”. NOW please don’t get me wrong, if by some miracle we are able to buy our kids everything their little hearts desire without going into debt, we will, but just realizing that gifts really aren’t that important helps!

As soon as I can figure out how to load pictures and attach links to recipes and such I will… Hopefully tomorrow I can get on here early and figure it all out.

I have some adorable “repurposed” Christmas decor. (budget budget budget…. rolls eyes) I want to show it all off and tell you a little about our little traditions in a  “mini Christmas decor/traditon blog post”.


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