My First Post (creative I know)

Happy with a side of crazy describes my life perfectly!

My happy life seems to be driving me crazy lately….

I am a full time stay at home mom of a wonderful 3 year old boy and I am expecting my second miracle September 21 ( woo hoo for summer babies and 300 degree weather )! I have a wonderful husband who is supportive and caring through all the emotional ups and downs. I want to thank my husband and son for giving me so much to blog about. I never understood how people could blog and put their whole story on the internet then I began feeling all cooped up inside and somethings you just can’t say to a three year old and get them to understand! So, here I am writing my second first post the first draft somehow got lost in cyber space  (I almost cried because it was witty and light hearted PERFECT first post).

I have not been a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) for very long. I went back to work full time when my son was 11 months old. I loved it! Was it hectic? Yes! Hard? Yes! Tiring to the point of making you want to poke your eyes out? Yes! Did I always get along with my co workers? No! I still loved it I have always loved feeling accomplished! I loved getting a paycheck every 2 weeks I deserved and worked hard for! I liked feeling like an equal in my marriage I contributed to my household in more than one way. I really enjoyed it. I worked for a fertility clinic that shall remain nameless until February of this year. I found out I was pregnant in January and had some serious complications and had to be off a couple days (with a dr letter) came back and needless to say I am a SAHM now. I enjoyed my job there yes MY job not my job and the job of some others who just “couldn’t handle it all”. It is a blessing to be out of that place for sure, it is just an adjustment going from a 8-5 job to a 24/7 job!

Now I am a bonified home maker! I have had many days where I sit and cry because I thought I was suppose to LOVE wiping dirty booties, doing mounds and mounds of laundry, cooking meals with or without the proper ingredients, taking so much back talk from a 3 year old that I always said I would never allow to happen, and cleaning up everyone else’s mess, regardless of how tired I am because my daily duties aren’t complete if you can’t walk through the living room. The truth is I don’t LOVE it everyday actually I don’t even like it most days. I do love my son and my husband, I do love making them happy and teaching baby boy things only a mommy can, and I love spending this time with baby boy that I can never get back. Those are the things that keep me from going rip roaring mad, just to get put in an institution, to get some one to bring me food, keep my room clean,give me a bed time, and do my laundry. Just Kidding! (sort of)

My purpose for this blog is to be able to vent my frustrations and hopefully be able to  spin being a mommy, wife, caregiver, and whatever else the day may call for in a real, but happy light. When the day ends and everyone is asleep you can read this blog and say hey I am not the only one who is going crazy with this happy life!


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